THE KK2 Main Control Board.


This is in my opinion the best out there.

This is the brain of my Quad.

This little brain has the total control over the Quad and IF  set up right and will look after you, Rolf Runar Bakke (Captain kuk) did a fantastic job of designing this one, it needs no computer after flashing it to your configuration choice (quad hex octo or tri etc) so can be adjusted in the field easily. I am using this one on my X666 frame and it is my choice because it is so user friendly, the settings for your quad cant be posted  here, because they very so much on what ever type of flying configuration you have, even up to a Octocopter ( 8 motors and props !)

There are many clips on You tube about setting this board up and this can become confusing so I have chosen 2  for you  —   click   here   AND   here  for  tuning.

As I have said I am using a Spectrum DX5e Transmitter, you don’t need a big complicated all singing and all dancing box with dials flashing lights like the front dashboard of the Star-ship Enterprise and fancy chrome toggle switches to make it fly well, but you can add them if you wish, it adds a bit of awe when onlookers turn up. Not that I have ever done this. (ahem)

It is great fun sorting all this out and even better when it all comes together. The Default settings should be a good starting point, but First you must go to the Menu and set the type of Quad or Aircraft you are using, X, +, and so on, then next you should set the settings for Self leveling I chose to use AUX as this works with the 5th Channel on my Spectrum 5e TX so I can switch it on or off at will in flight,  All in all you must read the instructions,  The KK2    MANUAL

I have spent a lot of time with the String test on my Quad and I think I have settled on a good safe starting point.

Axis- roll (Aileron)

P gain 70

P limit 20

I gain 20

I limit 10

Axis – yaw (Rudder)

P gain  50

P limit  20

I gain  30

I limit  10

Axis – Pitch  (Elevator)

P gain 65

P limit 20

I gain20

I limit 10


Self level  (Only alter this if things don’t look good.)  Make sure the Sensor calibration is set perfectly level on a flat surface or you will not ever get the self leveling to work.

P gain 30
P limit 20

ACC Trim 0
ACC pitch 0


After the starting point I have finally got what I think is very near perfect setup for my X666 Quadcopter, There is an important point to mention here, do this with the I Gain at zero, If the P gain is to low at start it will be very unstable and uncontrollable, so my advice is to set the P Gain at about 150 And link the Roll & Pitch together in the menu then it will wobble at take off this is a good point to lower the P Gain till it is stable (in tens), A tip,  start the I Gain at 50% of the P Gain.


Think of the P&I Gain as control sensitivity and P&I Limit as travel adjustment. You can set the P Gain and the P Limit at zero in Self Level this will not stop it self leveling.


All of this is for MY Quad !!!!

Yours will no doubt be different, So be careful and do a String test first— This will give you a good idea how it performs and you can do it at home.

 Prop Balance

Balance of props  for any quadcopter,  below a quick video (comments appreciated ) Try this and the Quad will fly better and not give you false settings on your string test.


If you like it? here is good offer, buy this KK2 for $30 £18.75 HERE


Now For Technical Info!

FPV(first person view)

Telemetry system

Main Quad Electric’s

Cost of Building a Quad

Lipo Battery Charging Advice




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